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4 grrls: pt. ii

"4 grrrls: pt.ii" is the second installment of a collaboration between Melissa Johnson, Sarah Sickles, Elizabeth Rath, and Marissa Macias that explores ideas of femininity and the existence of an authentic human experience in artificial spaces.

"4 grrrls: pt.ii" is the inaugural exhibition at THE LUNCHBOX, which is a white wall gallery within the After School Special studio space that is approximately 8ft x 8ft x 8ft. Programming for THE LUNCHBOX is planned by members of A.S.S. on a rotating basis and serves to platform experimental curatorial endeavors and projects by local, national, and international emerging artists.

This rendition of THE LUNCHBOX is made with love by A.S.S. member Kayle Karbowski.

***"4 grrrls: pt.ii" will be on display until January 23rd, gallery hours are by appointment only. Please email to schedule an appointment!***

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